Practitioner Plus is a full service digital production studio providing human centered design and strategy.

Our clients are practitioners in their craft: we work with scientists, health professionals, and entrepreneurs from all industries who are pioneering innovation.

Our services range from project to project, but to put it simply we provide:



an individual actively engaged in an art, discipline, or profession.

We’ll do a complimentary audit of your brand and determine an effective plan to reach your goals.

Say your business needs something new; a modernized website, more consistent content, less reckless spending on marketing, an internal process refresh. You can’t quite figure out what it is, but don’t have time to worry about it. You need to focus on your work, your clients, your patients, your products, your services, whatever they may be.

This is where we come in. At Practitioner Plus, we care about getting to know you, what drives your work, and what you dream of. We use design thinking to make your voice effective and wide-reaching, so you can focus on what truly matters.

Trust the Process

Process is everything to us. All you have to do is find room in your calendar for coffee, lunch, a video conference, or phone call, and we take it from there.

Our small yet nimble team is dependable, curious, inventive, and ready to take on any creative challenge. Our partners include:

Sarah Frei, Creative Director

Sarah is a designer, creative director, and an award winning filmmaker from Oakland, California. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of San Francisco and is passionate about using design to create a smarter, healthier global economy. As CEO of Practitioner Plus, she cares about guiding her clients and team to advocate their true potential and achieve the unachievable.

Joe Oliveira, Technical Director

Joe is a self-taught full-stack developer with a B.A.Sc. in 3D animation and diverse experience as a freelance digital artist. He brings a wide range of technical skills and excels at problem-solving through design and engineering. This passion allows him to create intuitive solutions that remove any potential pain-points for our clients, allowing them to focus on what they prioritize, their work.

Andrew Kornfeld, Science & Communications Director

Andrew is an entrepreneur with a passion for human health, science and creativity. Trained in neuroscience and psychology, Andrew founded Practitioner Plus so pioneering ideas could be uniquely shaped, communicated, and perceived. Andrew is an award winning organizer, and avid writer, with notable contributions to major publications. At Practitioner Plus, Andrew serves as a science advisor providing insights to our clients as they build their dreams in to tangible realities.

Recovery Without Walls

Web Design & Development

Redesigning a World Renowned Addiction Clinic

RWW needed a modernized look in both their brand and web presence. The website was outdated and need revitalizations in content to reflect evolutions of the practice. We updated their logo and gave them a modern, clean, and sophisticated website that functions as a way to both represent the clinic and direct patients to proper information and paperwork. We helped to emphasize the clinic’s innovative use of pharmacology as integral role to patient health.


Recovery Without Walls’ logomark needed some small changes reflect changing times and their high quality of patient care. We utilized the spherical shape to convey the truth of their brand: Recovery Without Walls is a place to find help without the confinements that walls of other treatment centers. The circle dissipates as the updated san-serif typeface emerges.


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E&J Builders

Web Design & Development

E&J Builders is a husband and wife construction company based in Oakland. They came to us in need of a new, fresh look, and a way to present their most recent projects online. We helped them develop an identity that is true to their values and mission as a company, and created a beautiful, easy to update website which they can update regularly to present their newest projects with the world.

A Brand with a Strong Foundation

E&J wanted to convey strength, integrity and friendliness in their brand. We modernized their previous wordmark by choosing a geometric sans serif typeface. The color choices are inspired by the color schemes of the homes they have worked on – green and brown to represent the earth tones of the materials they work with, and charcoal and off white for the cooler materials like metal and concrete.

A Custom and Easy to Use Content Management System

E&J wanted an easy way to update the website with new projects and photos. We used custom fields to allow them to make changes that always look beautiful.

A simple to use content management system that allows the client to easily edit the content on their website

The backened automatically updates the front-end dynamically

A Typographic Exploration

Creating E&J Builders’ logomark involved much exploration and experimentation. They initially liked the idea of combining typefaces, such as a slab serif with a sans serif, which created a very elegant and classic look for them. Ultimately, they wanted a more “strong foundation” for their brand and decided to stick with a fully sans serif logomark, with the use of geometric shape to help hold it all together.


Curious about how we can set up your website for success?

Talk to Joe about the benefits of a custom content management system.

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San Francisco Integrative Gynecology

Web Design & Development
Search Engine Optimization

Dr. Ricki Pollycove came to us with a desire to one day add another doctor to her practice. We helped develop a name, brand identity, and web presence that fits her holistic approach to women’s health.

New Brand, Same Philosophy

Undergoing growth and transformation in your business is no small feat. We recognized the importance of evoking the very heart of Dr. Pollycove’s medical philosophy, while communicating legitimacy, elegance, and clarity. When describing an integrative practice, we chose a name that speaks for itself, while creating an identity system that contextualizes the philosophy and vision it stands for.

Not Your Average Gynecologist

Female bodies, faces, flowers, pinks, peaches, purples, they’ve all been overdone. We wanted to go a different direction, one that was more authentic to Dr. Pollycove’s integrative care philosophy. We liked the symbolism of a labyrinth. The winding, meditative paths resemble life’s twists and turns. The green-greys convey life, nature, harmony, and growth.

“The Practitioner Plus team is cutting edge, creative, agile, and adaptable. They offer novel, powerful and unique designs combined with essential technological strategies that insure success in the rapidly changing professional marketplace.”

– Ricki Pollycove, MD, MS
Medical Director, San Francisco Integrative Gynecology

A Branded Web Presence

The website not only needed to unify the SF Integrative Gynecology brand, but also be a place where patients, new patients, and non patients alike can find information they might need. We prioritized these users in our design, creating easy routes for them to get to important destinations, for example patient forms, appointment scheduling, and payment information.


Branding can make a difference when competing with the frontrunners of your industry.

Talk to Sarah about how to take your brand to the next level.

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Justin Strawn

Web Design & Development

Justin Strawn is a UX and 3D designer and photographer. He needed a website that showed his talents in both these worlds without seeming too disjointed as a professional. The challenge was to present Justin as a creative professional not with two separate passions, but as a creative with a unique process and an intertwined body of work.

A Question of Perception

One way we tackled this challenge was through creating a way for Justin to send employers to 3 different parts of the website: the homepage, the design page, and the photography/travel blog page. On the homepage you have access to everything from UX to photography work, with the navigation giving you routes to both design and photography. On the design page on the other hand, the menu only gives you access to design, and visa versa for the photography page, you only have access to photography and the travel blog.


Wondering how to represent yourself with a website? We can help.

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My Doctor Medical Group

Web Design & Development

My Doctor Medical Group is a private medical practice based in San Francisco, California, specializing in advanced, whole-person primary care and behavioral health. Their old website was chock-full of great information, so it was important that the content be organized on the new website in a way that was easy to navigate and user friendly.

San Francisco’s New Kind of Doctor

MDMG requested that their website to be sophisticated and easy to navigate the plethora of information. We started by reorganizing their pages into categories that are intuitive and user friendly. Then, we successfully designed and developed a custom mega menu to both organize information and facilitate simple navigating. We then put emphasis on creating a modernized look and feel overall.


Do you have too much content on your website and not sure how to organize it? Talk to us.

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Oktoberfest by the Bay

Web Design & Development
Digital Marketing

Oktoberfest by the Bay, the San Francisco version of the famous beer festival that takes place in Munich, Germany, has lacked any online marketing presence in recent years. We helped them redesign their website and create a digital marketing campaign to increase conversion.

Beer and Beyond Marketing

The team came to us to firstly update their website to be more user friendly and mobile optimized, and secondly to assist them with social media and other forms of marketing. With a 10 week social media campaign, we were able to exponentially increase their reach and improve online ticket sales, all with proper feedback capabilities that allowed us to track conversion and user flows.

Social Media

The 10-week social media campaign used Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It succeeded at reaching the target audience, increasing engagement, and increasing ticket sales.

Accelerated Design and Development

Before starting a marketing campaign for Oktoberfest we had to ensure the website was updated and ready to convert traffic. We accelerated our design & development process and in just two weeks we delivered a responsive, informative, and much more modern experience for users coming on to the site.



people reached


conversion rate


unique viewers

Talk to us about how to direct convertable users to your website using social media and other digital marketing channels.

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Executive Home Detox

Web Design & Development
Search Engine Optimization

Executive Home Detox needed to improve organic search traffic and update its website to better match its brand and communicate their services.

Understanding the Client’s Clients

Our frame of mind was not to reach a “target audience,” but to reach those truly in need of a unique, private, and life-saving treatment like that provided by Executive Home Detox. With help from research and analytics, we developed a strategy to update the content and metadata to better reach highly searched terms and reflect the high level of service that EHD provides.

A Design Refresh

No amount of good content or SEO is effective without a platform that has been designed for clarity and usability. We ditched the previously used front-end theme to maintain full control over development. The final design contains an entirely new site structure, a new and more substantial homepage for quick information, improved photography that better fits EHD’s brand, and a mega menu and internal side menus for easy navigation. The end result is a high performing website that better fits EHD’s brand and gives users easy access to the information they need.

“I have worked with P+ for years and have undergone two complete web-redesigns. Both experiences have been superb. The most recent update to the custom site has made a positive impact on the numbers of calls and messages I receive. People who contact us have a much better understanding of our services, and speak highly of their experience on the website.”
– William Carrick, RN, MSN, CARN
President, Executive Home Detox, Executive Recovery Coach

The Result: Better Visibility

Within one month of launching the site, we observed the average position for all search results move up 5 positions, and we also saw a 45% increase in the click through rate (CTR). We optimized content for highly searched terms like “detox at home” and “in home detox services,” which respectively saw their positions increase by 65%. We also observed the parent URL term “home detox,” move up 15 positions.


An idea is only as effective as the way it is communicated.

Talk to Andrew about improving your communication strategy.

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Seeds of Resistance

Web Design & Development

Mark Schapiro, environmental journalist and author, reached out to us to create a website for his new book, Seeds of Resistance: The Fight to Save Our Food Supply. The end result is a beautiful website that not only promotes the book, but is a platform for Schapiro and others to share and contribute to the conversation around seeds, climate change, and food.

Environmental Justice Beyond the Book Covers

Rather than create a static website promoting sales of the book, we fulfilled Mark’s vision of creating a dynamic website to which he can contribute further writing, from himself and others, surrounding the topic of seeds, global warming, and human health.

Have a cause or an idea that you want to keep a blog and/or website about? We can help.

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Olympia House Rehab

Search Engine Optimization

Olympia House Rehab needed an SEO strategy and an updated homepage to increase visibility and better communicate their services and unique perspective on addiction treatment. What we delivered has resulted in the highest number of organic user visits in the site’s 6 year analytics history.

A More Sustainable Approach

Olympia House’s high marketing costs were yeilding little organic traffic or results. We knew we could cut their marketing spending while also improving organic traffic. To achieve this, we took a holistic approach, using research, data, and strategy to understand users and visitors of Olympia’s website.

40 Pages of New Content

With the help of interviews, research, and analytics, we took an aggressive strategy with the site’s content by adding 40 new pages with content about locations, patient profiles, and accessible science writing on addiction. We bolstered Olympia’s evidence-based, accommodating and compassionate approach to treating specific drug and alcohol dependencies.

“Working with P+ has been very influential on my business. They took the time to understand the mission of Olympia House and the nuance of our addiction clients and wrote superb, medically accurate content. I cut my Google Adwords spending by 100% and we still get new inquiries every day. Olympia House remains full with a waiting list at this time and we are currently expanding.”
– Wayne Thurston, Psy.D.
Executive Director, Olympia House

Immediate Results

In just 3 weeks, with only 60% of the strategy in place, we observed the highest number of organic user visits in the site’s 6 year analytics history. This first month registered nearly 10,000 more Google impressions, which represented a 43% increase overall coupled with 15% more clicks than the month prior to implementation.


new pages of content


words written


google impressions in the first month


more clicks in the first month


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